Temporary Power

To coincide with projects programming ‘temporary power’ into their timescales, Manor Renewable Energy Ltd offer an interface-free solution.

Bespoke, all-encompassing temporary power solutions

As projects move further offshore, temporary power will become increasingly vital. With our comprehensive bespoke temporary power solutions, we are well positioned to meet the growing needs of the sector.


Highly experienced on and offshore management team, technicians and crew

With over 16 offshore projects undertaken since 2013, MRE has highly experience personnel throughout the disciplines, both on and offshore. The knowledge and lessons learnt are cascaded into each and every project and high levels of safety are implemented from the project kick-off.

Generators designed to interface correctly with the transition piece and turbine

With space often at a premium on the transition piece platform, MRE has the provision to both design and fabricate customised solutions. As a general rule our solutions are of a modular set-up requiring one lift on (from the installation vessel) and several lifts off (utilising the TP crane); often the most cost-effective solution for the project.

Fuel tanks with as large as practical capacity to increase endurance

When calculating the fuel consumption we look at the distance offshore, time of year with associated weather conditions, and availability of refuelling vessels. Recent projects have shown that a minimum of 2000 litres provides a stable platform to ensure continual generator availability. To achieve that MRE often fabricate tanks in-house to allow the modular set-up with a minimised foot-print.

Aims to install onto transition piece at the staging port to minimise offshore works

MRE has undertaken projects where the Installation of the generator is undertaken whilst the Transition Piece is sited in the staging port; this allows full testing and commissioning prior to heading offshore, whilst also minimising any costly offshore lifts from the installation vessel.

State of the art refuelling vessels with onboard fuel capacity of over 40 tonnes

Whether it be our own vessel, the Manor Venture or similar tonnage, MRE provide only vessels that have sufficient onboard fuel capacity to allow multiple tanks to be refilled during a single offshore trip; in tandem with this capacity we provide onboard accommodation for all technicians to give sufficient endurance on far offshore windfarms.

Contemporary modular design for ease of decomissioning on project completion

Our 2000 and 3000 litre models break down into 3 and 5 individual components respectively; this then reduces the largest lift to under 1.5 tonnes and therefore into the capability of the Transition Piece crane; this crane combined with the ‘stern to’ capability of the Manor Venture allows for a cost-effective demobilisation.