Remedial Works

We offer a wide range of remedial works through the construction phase and into the O&M period.

Delivering offshore services with a continual focus on health and safety

Our facilities, engineering capability and sector experience allows us to undertake multiple offshore scopes. Remedial work services include break out and fully controlled torque tightening, component replacement, inspections and cleaning.

Break out and fully controlled torque and tensioning operations

We provide a total solution for all of your bolting requirements, utilising the latest technology and practices to drive the highest standard of service. With an expanding workforce of multi-skilled technicians and experienced MJI (10/18/19) trained personnel, we can accommodate fully controlled torque & tensioning activities on both foundations (confined space) & turbine topside components.

Specially adapted tooling and bespoke tightening solutions

We can carry out safe and efficient tightening operations on equipment with difficult access and non-standard configurations. We use the safest, most advanced and versatile equipment in the industry which, when combined with our specialist integrity support provides an unparalleled service to our clients.

A wide range of solutions from the start

Other services include component replacement, inspections and cleaning from construction and into the O&M periods. Our experience and understanding of our clients’ needs and business distinguishes us from our competition.

Our strength is our reputation, knowledge and tenacity, backed by the drive to provide the highest levels of service to our clients.