Manor Renewable Energy’s New CTVs Arrive for Modification and Refit

Crew Transfer Vessels, the MPI Cervantes and MPI Cardenio have arrived at the Manor Marine site in Portland, Dorset for extending, re-engining and refit works. Once reconditioned, the two MPI vessels will be new additions to the MRE fleet, destined for work on offshore wind projects.

In 2017 MRE built the Manor Venture, which is one of the largest CTVs currently operating within the offshore renewables market and towards the end of this month they commence on the build of her sister vessel, to be delivered in 2020.

MRE Marine Superintendent Michael James commented “In just over two months’ time we will have two vessels to add to our expanding fleet, in nearly new condition. These vessels will complement the work of the Manor Venture and will greatly increase our working capabilities on offshore projects.”