Manor Finds O&M Vessel Inspiration Somewhere Between CTV and W2W

Manor Renewable Energy has completed the design phase and tank testing of their new 40 metre technician support vessel, due for construction in 2019.
The design features individual cabins for 8 crew members and 20 offshore technicians, taking the key lessons learnt from their 2017 build, ‘Manor Venture’, whilst bringing a new concept to the sector.
The vessel will have the ability to push up against the transition piece due to an engineered piston arrangement minimising the impact and tank tests have shown it has the capabilities to increase the standard 1.5m significant wave height by over 40%.
Operations Director Toby Mead commented “at present the market moves from a 26 metre CTV directly to a walk to work vessel of 3 to 4 times the length – there is little in the middle of that range and that’s the area we believe the sector is lacking and the area that would lower the overall cost of operations and therefore energy – all in all, the vessel will be fit for purpose, have extended endurance, be innovative in design and built for a team of technicians living in complete comfort’.
The vessel will be designed by Walker Marine Design and constructed at Manor’s own shipyard in Portland, Dorset.